Tuesday, October 25, 2011

New Series: Penny Pinch Beauty Tips

In today's world everyone seems to be on a budget and looking for ways to save money.  For women that can be even more difficult because of our beauty products. In this new series I will discuss alternatives to everyday products we use. To start this series off I thought I would talk about EYE MAKEUP REMOVERS. I for years spent TONS of money on the top of the line products from Benefit to Too Faced. I have also tried drug store brands such as REVLON and NEUTROGENA. All are wonderful products but take a good hit to my wallet and if you are like me these products doesn't last very long due to daily use. So below are alternatives that you can use in place of your eye makeup removers on a temporary or permanent basis.



This is a great way to remove cream concealers and waterproof mascara. I prefer the Johnson and Johnson brand but any brand will do. Please make sure you get the unscented and you dont need your eyes smelling like lavender. Johnson's Baby Oil $4.22 20-fl oz but coupons are always available( trust me I have tons of them) Equate (Wal-Mart Brand) $2.42-20 fl oz


If you have seasonal allergies like I do and wake up with puffy, sticky and water eyes  then use baby wash. It will not only remove the eye makeup but also remove all the allergens on your eye lashes. I prefer the natural brands such as Burts Bees,$6.97-8 fl or Avenno Baby Soothing Cream Relief-12 fl oz $5.94 but any mild unscented or lightly scented wash will do...and yes coupons are available for these also.

Coupon Tip. 
I have been dubbed the "Coupon Ninja" by my husband. To get more savings on the above products find coupons at coupons.com, redplum.com or smartsource.com. Also try the manufactures websites and your local Sunday papers. The best way to safe more money is to purchase these from a store that is having a sale on them. Typically Target is great for having discounts or even BOGO or BOGO-50% on baby products. They even have store coupons that you can use with manufacture coupons. So happy hunting!

I hope this helps you safe money and look great!

Till Then
Amanda :)

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